Having problems with poor hoof health?

In recent times, cows have to walk longer distances every day to get between the parlour and the paddock. Travelling these long distances is detrimental to cows’ hooves and many farmers are finding that they are running into problems with hoof health.

Our range of liquid and powder minerals are formulated to provide the cow with high levels of protected zinc to support good hoof health. We can also incorporate Biotin into our minerals which, when combined with protected zinc, provides the building blocks for good hooves.

Where hoof problems are caused by food and digestion related issues, our range of Buffering Minerals, which include high levels of probiotics, can help to overcome these problems. These minerals also contain biotin and zinc for good hoof growth an integrity. These Buffers can help with hoof problems caused by acidosis.

Furthermore, a footbath is one of the most important tools used on farms to prevent lameness and maintain hoof health. We offer Mistral, an environmentally friendly, natural product with micronized clay, a neutral pH, and drying capacity over time.

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The weather is constantly changing and so is your grass!
So today’s solutions for keeping your cows happy and healthy
are not tomorrow’s solutions!