We manufacture high quality minerals for dairy herds, beef herds, horses, sheep and goats, which can be sold on an off-the-shelf basis. Our minerals are formulated to provide the best possible performance for our customers herds.

We provide a range of nutritional supplements to assist in the prevention and cure of many common conditions affecting both cows and calves and can tailor these to your conditions. Our beef minerals are for intensive and grazed herds, and our sheep mixes are for ewes, lambs and intensive store lambs. We also manufacture minerals for horses and goats.

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Our dairy range includes STANDARD minerals and PLUS minerals with proteinated trace elements and high levels of vitamins. We offer a full range of Pre Calver and Dairy mixtures. Our Aqua Liquid range provide an easy way to feed phosphorous & trace elements when no ration is being fed OR when a quick response to phosphorous & trace elements problems is required. Our specialised liquid solutions are uniquely able to solve deficiencies FAST.
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Our Calf range has been developed to help your calves from the day they are born to achieve growth through health and good feeding. Some of our Calf minerals can be bought online from
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Mineral Supplements for Beef Cattle being fed concentrates with grass or maize silage or high levels of beet products to increase growth and improve health.
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A range of products that supplement your horses feed at competition and rest times. **Our products are safe to use when competing** Shop for our equine products and more on our equestrian website:
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Sheep & Goats

For Sheep and Goats, we produce a range of supplements to encourage growth in lambs, make ewes more productive, provide better milk yields and to maintain good hoof condition. Our Goat minerals can be bought online on
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