Finding it difficult to get cows back in-calf?

Poor fertility is an on-going problem in many dairy herds across the country. Issues with fertility can be caused by various different problems, ranging from acidosis to mineral deficiencies, to negative energy balance at breeding.

Our range of liquid and powder minerals are designed to give your herd every chance of getting in-calf and staying in-calf.

Where breeding cows are not being fed ration, our liquid minerals fed through the water are an effective solution. Two of our most popular products amongst farmers at breeding are AquaFertility and Liquid Iodine.

AquaFertility provides the cow with a range of minerals in a very available form in the water, to boost blood mineral levels and improve conception rates. Liquid Iodine is added to the water at a low rate to strengthen cows’ heats and improve submission rates at breeding.

For higher yielding herds where ration is being fed, our powder mineral 6% Dairy Fertility would provide high levels of phosphorous, trace elements, and vitamins for your breeding programme.

Where maize silage is being fed as a buffer, our specialist product Maize 150 would provide high levels of phosphorous and vitamin E, high quality trace elements, and vitamins to support your breeding programme.

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The weather is constantly changing and so is your grass!
So today’s solutions for keeping your cows happy and healthy
are not tomorrow’s solutions!