Rejected milk because of antibiotic contamination when you haven’t fed any antibiotics?

Mycotoxins, produced by Penicillium moulds, can give a false positive for antibiotics and result in the rejection of the milk. Furthermore, the presence of any mycotoxins in the diet can severely affect cow performance.

We can help to overcome the problem of mycotoxins and stop problems with milk rejection and poor performance. Our product, Mycohit, uses three different active ingredients to hit multiple mycotoxins, whether from local grown feed or forage, imported feeds, environmental factors, or produced in the digestive tract. Decreasing the level of mycotoxins in the cow will reduce the risk of mycotoxin transfer to milk. The result is a healthier animal with improved performance, and better milk quality.

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The weather is constantly changing and so is your grass!
So today’s solutions for keeping your cows happy and healthy
are not tomorrow’s solutions!