Aquaficiency is a new system developed by Allen NUTRITION over the last few years which automatically dispenses liquid minerals through the water system. Aquaficiency works to ensure the herd receives the correct daily supplementation for major and trace elements through the water supply. This allows farmers to supply the herd with consistent and high quality minerals while reducing the workload.


Aqua Liquid minerals have a high bio-availability which allows easier absorption by the cow using the water intake route, this avoids essential minerals getting tied up by antagonists in the rumen. Supplying the cow with highly available major and trace elements in the correct quantities throughout the day will allow the cow to maintain a high health status while achieving production and fertility targets. This is especially useful in grass based systems when levels of ration fed can be low or are not fed at all.   Additional mineral supplementation is necessary to prevent grass tetany, pica, infertility and more. Liquid minerals offer an easy and effective method of supplementing herds at grass with the necessary minerals.   

Allen Nutrition have a range of liquid products available to suit every herd.  Once installed, farmers will have full control over how much they want to spend, and in consultation with our nutritionist can implement a plan that will meet the needs and targets of the herd.  Aquaficiency has been proven to be a cost effective solution to a varying degree of issues seen on Irish farms; from issues at calving such as milk fever and withheld cleanings to problems at grass like lameness, fertility, high SCC’s and more. Aquaficiency is an excellent and efficient solution to mineral problems on farm.


One of the biggest advantages of using the aquaficiency system is the flexibility it gives to farmers giving full control over the level of supplementation they wish to offer the herd and the related cost.

Allen Nutrition also manufactures a range of high quality powder minerals and are one of the first companies in Ireland to manufacture pelleted minerals which are easy to use especially in rotary parlours and robots. In certain scenarios, if desired, farmers can incorporate powder or pelleted minerals along with the aquaficiency System giving a broader application of mineral related ingredients.

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